At Thyme to Learn Wellness, the philosophy is that everyone has the ability to heal themselves on all levels: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  A holistic approach is practiced to empower people to take responsibility for their own health and wellness through sessions and classes.

A wide variety of modalities including: ReikiMeditationCrystal Healing, and Essential Oils are offered and customized Transformational Healing plans are available.  The signature session, Thyme to Align, is specifically tailored to the individual with multiple healing aspects rolled into one 90-minute session.


Excitement in 2018:
* The celebration of a new adventure 
….. Cindy Noyes to Cindy Gadsby …..
* A new studio is being built
* Newsletters and a Blog starts in February
* Retreats and more classes are coming


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10 months ago

Thyme to Learn Wellness, LLC

Decided to have my own essential oils class/experiment last night with Michele Lowry. While chopping veggies for dinner, the knife slipped and I cut middle finger by the nail. Of course, I just sharpened the knife yesterday so it was a deep cut. Michele heard, "Ouch!" and by the time she came to check it out, I was bleeding pretty badly. Essential Oils to the rescue! She put on Geranium (blood clotter), then Tea Tree (disinfectant) then Lavender (help with inflammation & support healing) some REIKI and swearing. I have to say I have never been so impressed! Almost instantaneously after the Geranium was put on the cut the pain subsided. Tea Tree really stings and lavender was not much better. However, Geranium applied again did the trick - soothed. It made it's own bandage like "New Skin". Kept it "open with the EO bandage" and was able to use it tenderly. Applied Geranium again before going to bed. Awoke this morning to a VERY happy finger. No tenderness at all! A little bruising from where the blood coagulated, skin seated itself and fused as if I received stitches! FASCINATING! A must for all first aid kits! Buy now! my.doterra.com/thymetolearnwellness
I guess the Universe was telling us class next month will be on First Aid and Essential Oils!
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Classes, events, and appointments are canceled until the end of the month. I am with family as we grieve the loss of my grandmother. Thank you for your understanding. ... See MoreSee Less

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