Which Session Would You Like?

  • Reiki
    A healing art to facilitate energy movement to align and balance the chakras. Individuals often experience a state of relaxation and serenity as mind, body and soul connects.


  • Crystal Healing
    Crystal and gemstones have their own healing properties due to color and vibration. These characteristics work together to move energy and facilitate healing on all levels.

  • Thyme to Align
    Coined as “Holistic Bliss.” By combining Mediation, Reiki, Crystal Healing and Essential Oils you experience the wonder of inner peace and relaxation.

  • Private Meditation
    Customize a meditation class based on your needs. Common requests include quieting the mind, crystal bowl meditation, breathing exercises, stress management, loving kindness, progressive relaxation, body scanning, mantras, guided imagery, goal setting, grounding, centering and much more.