Energy Exploration

Friday, December 15
6:30 PM to 8:00 PM


Find your authentic self. Discover your energetic being. Explore new ways to allow mind, body and soul to reconnect. Delve into different methods to spark the fire within and enlighten your true potential!

This is an open group which you can attend as your schedule permits. Join like-minded individuals as we explore our energy systems by taking an in depth look at the chakra system. Each month we will be delving into another chakra so we can learn how this energy can influence our health and well-being. We will also be taking a look into ways to clear and enhance this chakra to support your intuition, connection to your higher self. We will be working with meditation, essential oils, meditation, breathing techniques, movement, color, and inner exploration to GROUND this concept.

This month's theme: Root Chakra & Grounding
Items used in the class will be available for purchase

This class is offered on a donation basis. Pre-register to be entered into a raffle for the Root Chakra Kit!

Event Location:
North Country Spiritual Pathways & Wellness
130 Cottage Street, Littleton, NH