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Cynthia M. Gadsby has been studying and practicing meditation for 20 years and Reiki since 2007. Through natural therapies, nutrition, essential oils and energy work she has rebalanced and detoxified her life: physically emotionally, and spiritually. With this new lifestyle, she realized it truly is the time for her, along with everyone else, to learn wellness. As a result, her holistic business was born…“Thyme to Learn Wellness, LLC.”

Cynthia is a Reiki Master/Teacher, Certified Meditation Instructor, and a Crystal Healer. She is a member of the International Association of Reiki Practitioners (IARP) and she obtained on a Master’s of Education – Health Promotion of “Wholistic” Health through Plymouth State University . She combines this knowledge along with her gifts of intuition, empathy and sincerity to rebalance each individual. Her passion is working with individuals, especially children, allowing them to find their inner strengths and encouraging them to find their inner peace and calmness along with helping them make healthy choices for themselves.

Cynthia’s mission as a healer and energy worker is to provide a loving and gentle atmosphere for the mind, body and soul to heal on all levels. She feels the body knows how to heal itself, but sometimes needs some encouragement to do so. She offers ” Thyme to Align Sessions” combining essential oils, meditation, Reiki, and crystals to align the Chi (energy). She also offers individual Reiki sessions along with group healings through monthly Reiki Shares now held at Littleton Regional Healthcare. Cynthia enjoys teaching Meditation, Reiki, as well as “Crystal Thyme” and “Healthy Living with Essential Oils” workshops. Private sessions and nutrition seminars are organized upon request.

Cynthia was featured in the business section of The Courier on September 7, 2011. Read the article.

I look forward to working with you and helping you relax, recharge and renew.

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“Cindy is loving, gentle and kind, and creates a completely safe space for releasing and healing. I have had several sessions with Cindy and each visit brings a new level of insight and emotional strength to my life. She is extremely knowledgeable about the oils, gemstones, and the chakras, and I completely trust her work and professional advice. I whole-heartedly recommend Cindy’s group and individual offerings to all of my clients and friends!”

T.S. ~ Massage Therapist
Littleton, NH

“I was horrified when I found out that my daughter had head lice. I wanted a treatment that was fast and effective but most importantly, non-toxic and safe to use on a child. I called Cindy Noyes and within a few hours I had what I was looking for. Not only were the essential oil mixtures easy to use, they worked wonderfully. We were quickly lice free! Even though our lice problem is long gone, we continue to use the daily prevention spray. My son and daughter just love the pleasant scent and I love the protection it gives the entire family.”

Cindy, Mother of Two
Littleton, NH

“All of Cindy’s treatments/services have allowed me to listen to my mind and body. Her reiki and crystal healing sessions provide the relaxation and comfort that I need to help heal my mind and body. Her meditation classes each week calm my mind and allow me to see what’s really in my way of living the life I want to live. Cindy is also extremely knowledgeable in the essential oils field, providing professional and complete tinctures to help with healing processes. She is very professional and kind. Cindy puts her heart into her services, you will not be disappointed.”

M.R. ~ Teacher
Bethlehem, NH

“Cindy is gentle and loving in everything that she does and she creates an atmosphere in which I can relax and allow my body, mind, and spirit to do the healing work that it needs to do.”

L.C. ~ Writer
Littleton, NH

“Cindy’s presence is healing. Whether we are just talking about life or I am on her Reiki table, her presence is healing. Thank you Cindy.”

Gina Formeister, LMT
Littleton/Lancaster NH

“For me, a reiki session is a mind relaxing experience. Once you relax your mind, the body soon follows. To be completely at peace is a great gift that Cindy easily helps you achieve.”

Cindy Houghton
Littleton, NH

“In my experience Cindy effortlessly combines information transmission, within the glowing enthusiasm for the topic. More importantly Cindy is at ease with the material, and is willing to express the universal energy while teaching, which to me felt like a the essence of love quietly encompassing the room.”

J. M. ~ Vermont

After taking Reiki Level One, “I’m paying attention to my hands right now, and they’re singing.”

Karen B.
Whitefield, NH

“Cindy displays passion within her healing practices and easily shares this passion with professional ease and compassion so students are able to grasp the knowledge she instills.”

E. B.
Franconia, NH

“She is an intelligent woman who has shared her experiences which have led her to a complete career change and personal development. She has worked diligently to create the life she is now living and is experiencing amazing success. Cindy is a dear friend, and also a student who has been studying with me since 2006. Her natural gifts in compassion, perfection and a desire to continually know more has led her to create her own business and now to continue her education to be able to offer her clients and students even more of her knowledge. I would highly recommend Cindy.”

Michele Lowry, RMT
Eliot, ME