Children’s Thyme

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Helping children maintain innocence and purity.

This child is giving the gift of a gerbera daisy known for cheerfulness and believed to lessen stress.  However, sometimes it is difficult to see this beauty beyond the behavior.  Children can be stressful!

Connecting with children can be quite challenging for some people.  I truly and honestly believe that every moment with a child is a gift.  True, some moments may be easier than others, but each one is an opportunity to be present…hence a gift.  Supporting children through difficult times can be the most important thing we can do as adults…it is shaping our future.

Can you relate?

  • Inability to express feelings and/or needs
  • Anxiety
  • Bad dreams  or night terrors
  • Mood swings
  • Temper tantrums
  • Difficulty in calming
  • Lack of patience
  • Acting out behavior like hitting or biting
  • Need of alternative approaches to “time out”
  • Unwillingness to listen and follow rules
  • Support in creating routines
  • Desire to spread love and kindness
  • Interest in fairy-tales and the mystical realm
  • Recognition of the wonder of nature
  • Family desire to instill values, virtues, morals, meditation and “life skills”

“Children are not things to be molded, but are people to be unfolded.” – Jess Lair, author

Unfolded…what a perfect metaphor.  Our lives unfold one event after the next.  Each situation shapes us into who we are growing into…at two or a hundred and two.  We are not cast or molded but shaped through our perceptions and interpretations.  Children have a unique outlook which at times can be difficult to decipher.

Over the years, I have developed methods to assist children in navigating the turbulent waters of “growing up”.  Through stories, imagination, meditation, crystals, nature, exploration and time we can create a toolbox of life skills which can be used for a lifetime!

There doesn’t need to be anything “wrong”, every child — for that matter, every adult too — can benefit from seeing life via multiple perspectives.

The Dalai Lama once said, “If every 8 year old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation.”

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