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Is it time to purify your growth, rebirth, and enlightenment?

The symbolic meaning of a lotus is rebirth and enlightenment.  The lotus flower grows in swampy areas with the roots extending from the bottom of the pond and the blossom rising to the surface.  The seeds fall to the incubate in the mucky earth and strive toward the sunlight where they can bloom in all their finest.  Humans are the same; from the muck we grow and flourish with beauty.

Can you relate?

  • Feel like a phoenix rising from the ashes of trauma
  • Seeing synchronicities everywhere
  • Connecting with your higher self
  • Feeling scattered with so many ideas and options
  • Trouble sorting out priorities
  • “Monkey mind” jumping from thought to thought
  • Feel like your head is in the clouds (not grounded)
  • Discovering your intuition
  • Looking for support from “Source” (spirit, ancestors, guides, totems, etc.)
  • Not sure where to go next
  • Issues with boundaries and saying “NO” because you want to do it all
  • On a new adventure: new relationship, marriage, pregnancy, adoption
  • Reaching a milestone in your life: goal, birthday, graduation, commitment ceremony
  • Coping with transition of a loved one going into nursing home, hospice, end of life

Encourage your inner lotus to bloom with…

  • Thyme to Renew
    A signature session to find your own “Renewable Energy” deep within yourself. Start by having an reading using oracle cards, crystals, and intuition which will provide insight for the healing plan. Experience a release of what no longer serves you as energy blocks are cleared with crystal healing. Through foot scrub using a detox blend of ingredients and meditation transform the “unwanted” to the “supportive”.

  • Thyme to Align
    A signature session coined as “Holistic Bliss” as the mind, body, and soul aligns.  We start by you picking a few crystals and receiving a reading along with a healing plan.  Next we go to the table for your treatment which includes meditation, Reiki, crystal layout and application of an essential oil to the acupoints on the feet.

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    Life & Spiritual Coaching
    Coaching is different from giving advice, consulting, counseling, and providing therapy because it reveals the strengths of a person so they can achieve their goals. These revelations are discovered through personality, leadership, and energy assessment tools. Once we discover your individual style of communication and relating to the world, you can take the steps to achieving your goals.

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    Life Transition Advocacy
    The journey of life transforms from moment to moment. Enlightenment occurs when we honor this process by acknowledging the strengths and witnessing the growth. Together we celebrate these transitions from birth to death and all the step in between.

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