Crystal Healing

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Crystal Healing is a form of energy healing using the mineralogical properties and vibrations of crystals.

All matter vibrates to a precise frequency and like frequencies attract each other. The nature of energy is to flow freely throughout at a high vibration. Our body system needs to keep a constant frequency to obtain optimal health. The body includes not only the physical but the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies as well.

Unfortunately, if the vibration level falls due to stress, anxiety or negativity we will now attract a different frequency to ourselves — the frequency of illness and our trauma. Illness and trauma arises due to low vibration and “stuck” energy. Click here to read an article regarding the relationship between our body’s vibration and health.

There are established healing effects within certain crystals which can offer improved health by increasing the energy flow. The crystals do this by attracting like minerals and metals in the crystals to like minerals and metals in the body. The crystals gently invite the stuck energy to move or vibrate at a higher level. When these crystals are engaged the optimal frequency of our body system is restored to balance and healing will occur naturally.

A healing session can determine the best crystal for the person and their needs.

I custom design the following crystal healing products:

  • Jewelry
  • Gemstone Kits
  • Clearing Sprays