Thyme to Align

  • Enjoy a cup of herbal tea while we complete an intake form and discuss any issues you would like addressed in your session
  • Relax in the treatment room with beautiful aromas of Essential Oils selected just for you
  • Your session is held on a Reiki/Massage table; you are fully clothed and face up during the entire session
  • Experience a guided meditation where you can allow your mind to wander to a serene spot and bask in the tranquility
  • Then I will use a series of hands-on and hands-off Reiki positions to facilitate energy movement to align and balance the chakras
  • Next crystals are placed on and around your body to encourage vibrational and crystal healing to clear any stuck or blocked energy to flow. Crystals are also applied to your feet to pull and draw negative energy out of your body

Reiki and Crystal Healing Sessions

I also provide private sessions in 30, 60 or 90 minute increments for Reiki or Crystal Healing.

Please call 603.616.8827 or email:
to schedule a session.