Mini Reiki Sessions

Sun. February 9, 2020
BY APPT from 9 AM - 5 PM
30 min: $25


Always wondered about Reiki?
Not quite ready for a full Reiki session?
Short on time but need an energy boost?
This is a wonderful opportunity for you!

An amuse-bouche or "bite-sized" session of 30-minutes allows you to receive all the benefits of Reiki within a condensed session.  Reiki provides many a chance to release stress and anxiety, relax, and find balance.  Many notice a warm, tingling sensation as their body relaxes and comes back to their ideal state. 

In theory, if the body can relax it can spend its energy and focus on healing.  Therefore, we can all use a little TLC and support in this category whether we are experiencing an issue or working on prevention!

Sessions are now offered for 30 minutes by appointment for $25.

You no longer need to wait and wonder when it will be "your turn".  Call ahead and schedule an personal treatment time.