Reiki 2

Four Tuesday Nights; August 6, 13, 20, 27
5:30 PM to 9:30 PM


We are all born with the ability to heal ourselves and others.  The trick is not to deplete our own energy while doing so.  Reiki is a hands-on healing modality which supplies the skills to support self-discovery and self-healing on a daily basis.  You will be able to embrace your own strength, empowerment and self-confidence through this class.

This gentle and easy method takes us on a journey to explore meditation, self-healing sessions, energy awareness and cleansing and so much more.  Participants will receive four attunements spread out throughout the course to allow for a gentle acclimation of the new energy.  A workbook and certificate of completion are provided.

This course is geared to those who are ready to take an active role in their health, wellness, and life journey.  Reiki has been shown to support:
* Relaxation and peacefulness
* Support pain management
* Bring the body's rhythms back into balance
* Calm and deepen breath
* Soothe emotions and anxiety
* Create mindfulness
* Increase awareness of the "bigger picture"
* Heighten creative thinking and problem solving
* Focus intention to allow dreams to become reality

It never ceases to amaze me how the Reiki journey has changed people's lives. This class has been shared with those who were just starting their healing path and those who had taken a Reiki class previously and felt the need to reconnect to the energy.  No matter where you are on your adventure, this class provides an atmosphere for you to grow and find a deeper sense of self. 

Event Location:
Littleton, NH